3 Really Cool Juicing Facts: Drink it immediately or else…


3 Really Cool Juicing Facts: Drink it immediately or else…


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There are many benefits of juicing. Check out this great blog post for some really important
facts that prove really helpful to you if you are juicing for good health.
 1. Fresh juice should be consumed immediately afterextracting it as it starts to lose nutrients. So to maximize the
nutrient intake, consume it as fast as you can.
2. Try to juice using a masticating juicer rather than a centrifugal one as the latter produces some heat which will destroy the enzymes in the juice.
3. You can whip up some rather interesting recipes in the kitchen. All that you have to do is let your juicer and your imagination combine forces. However, you should be careful to remove any hard seeds from the fruit unless you want to ruin the blades of your juicer.
They might be harmful as well. Apple seeds are known to have traces of cyanide. It is in small quantities but something to be aware of.

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