Career Cyclist shares powerful juice recipe called: The 4 C’s


Career Cyclist shares powerful juice recipe called:

The  4 C’s

Kevin was kind enough to share what he has done for optimum performance.

Question 1:

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What Juicing tips do you have for health? What Juicing tips
do you have for weight loss?

Answer: My favorite juice combo I do on my Champion juicer is what I call, The 4 C’s, that I share with my friends who travel as much as I do.

This combo juice is great for health AND weight loss.

When I return from the road, I need to detox, so I juice the following ingrediants that makes about a gallon.

They are as follows…

a 5-pound bag of carrots

a stalk of celery

a large head of cabbage

2-3 cucumbers.


For added taste, you can also juice some gala or fugi apples, 3 good sized beets, some ginger, kale, parsley, and spinach, but make sure you stay with the base of the 4 Cs.

Question 2:

How did you get into juicing and what is your experience
with this topic?

Answer: After retiring from a career as a cyclist, I began to put on the weight and not have any energy. Got into a health program several years ago and then began to develop my own ways and style from there.

Last Question: Anything else you`d like to add?

Answer: Juicing and a raw food baed diet is the only way to go if
you want youthful energy and losing weight.


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