Juicing Stories – Cure Diabetes with Juicing?


Previously I have shared with you how people  were curing thier type 2
diabetes naturally and how I was met with skepticism when I shared
that info.

It was right after that I received this email from Eva B.

Hi Dave,
I just want to respond to this topic.  I was diagnosed with type 2
diabetes in March 2003 when I was in the hospital with cervical
cancer and having surgery.  I didn’t know I was diabetic for probably
years before they found out in the hospital.

I was put on insulin and I had to test my blood sugar 4-5 times every day.  After the
surgery I had chemo and radiation therapy for 3 months.  Radiation 5
times a week and chemo once a week.  Back then I didn’t know about
juicing and raw food diet, I was dazed and depressed about my
illness and I just wanted to live.

Although into the second month of my treatments sometimes I wished I was dead.
It was horrible.  No matter how I describe it to people,no one can understand fully
except those who went through the same thing.

The treatments totally destroyed the tumor along with my immune
system.  The chemo drugs that they pumped into my body were so toxic
that my nurse had to wear bio hazard protective gear just to handle
the IV bags.  Unfortunately I have some permanent nerve damage, some
hearing and memory loss as a result.

I was on prednisone, a synthetic steroid drug for months and one of
it’s side effects is the increase of blood sugar levels.  Even after
I tapered off the dosage and finally stopped taking it completely, my
blood sugar was so high that I was injecting insulin 3 times a day.

This went on for years and I had to make myself
accept the fact that this is how it’s going to be for the rest of
my life.All my doctors told me that diabetes is a chronic disease
that has no cure.The only thing I can do is manage it the best I can.

Then about 2 years ago I stumbled upon some articles online about
the raw food diet. I researched it for months and then I decided to
give it a try.

It worked miracles!

Within 2 weeks I stopped using insulin.
After 4 weeks I was off all my medications for everything
including high blood pressure and depression.I have lost so much
weight,I don’t know how many pounds because I never weighed
myself.  Although I couldn’t maintain a 100% raw food diet beyond 2
months, I was still doing very well.  Then finally about a month ago I
was able to buy an Omega juicer and now I have at least 2 big
glasses of fresh juice every day.  One of them is a green juice which
I absolutely love and now crave first thing in the morning.I juice
3-4 different kinds of greens,alternating between all varieties of
kale and chard,spinach, celery, all kinds of lettuce, my favorite is
romaine.  I add an apple for sweetness,a lemon with skin to boost the
detox and ginger for kick.  I only use organic produce for juicing.  It
is so good, I am totally addicted.  This might sound weird but I can
feel the yummy green juice filled with all the vitamins and
minerals penetrating deep into every cell of my body and kicking
out the toxins,cleansing and rejuvenating me from within.

Just today I made my first wheat grass juice which I sweetened with
carrots.  I loved it.  I don’t have to test my blood sugar anymore because I feel
fantastic but I do it from time to time anyway just to see how well
I’m doing.  And I’m doing fantastic.My readings are always normal and
my last A1C was 5.4.  That’s perfect for someone who never had
diabetes,  let alone me,who has struggled with it for years.

I can honestly say that I cured my diabetes with juicing and good, organic
raw foods .I would recommend it to everyone with diabetes.  It’s
true, no one has to suffer anymore.  There is a CURE.  I am living proof.

Thank you very much for listening.

Eva B.

I love hearing stories like these ( I have more to share with you in future posts). It show the power of the human body to heal itself given the right “tools”.

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