Lose weight with juicing: Read Jon’s true story..


I asked Jon how is your juicing going and see what he said about
how much weight he lost and what he could do?…

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On Jan 30th  at 9:25 AM, Dr. J at Easytojuice.com wrote:

sounds great Jon!
I hope you have a great day
how is your juicing going?

Dr. J



On Jan 30th  at 11:27 AM,  Jon wrote:

Very well thanks  – I am down about 20 lbes. to the lowest
I have weighed in 30 years and am feeling several years younger
(and that is no exaggeration). On Saturday I did a very tough 8 mile
hike (chukar hunting) to the very peak of a mountain.
I knew I had done something when even the four wheeler tracks in
the snow quit. All in all it wasn’t too bad for a 66 year old.
Sure glad I’m not carrying that extra weight any more.
Important part is – I’m not dieting. I am just juicing and eating
un-processed foods.

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