What foods kill your Acid Alkaline Balance? [easy juice recipes]


What foods kill your Acid Alkaline Balance?


I was speaking with a customer the other day and he had asked about juicing and cancer. One area of research with cancer prevention has to do with your body’s ph level or acid/alkaline balance.


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By maintaining the right ph balance we can stay healthy and prevent acidosis, gout, and other chronic conditions.


A lot of the foods common in a western or fast food diet
tend to tip our system to the acid side.


FOODS that hurt:  (tend to push us toward the acid side)

Red meat

white bread



white sugar

soda pop

fried foods




FOODS that heal: (foods that push us to alkaline side)


Dark green vegetables






In these next updates I would like to share with you a couple of resources for you to learn about the acid/ alkaline balance and how you can maintain good health and prevent minor and major disease by being aware of these principles.


If you would like to really get into this research I would check out this report

by Gabriel Cousens M.D.

He explains the theory of why cancer cells cannot survive in an akaline environment and how you can create this environment in your own body.


Here is the link it is a chapter in his book called Conscious Eating (a massive 800 page read… but worth it!).

It is free to read and Gabriel goes into great detail about the acid state as well as many different ways juicing and raw foods benefit the body.



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